The Manuel Pinho Geraldo , since 1977, is specialized in the production and marketing of kitchen furniture, bathrooms, closets, and any type of furniture made to measure for your client.

I have a huge portfolio of models created with many years of experience and be prepared to develop the ideas of our customers. Quality, design, functionality and an excellent service are the characteristics that best define the Geraldo.

Each customer is a big challenge for us, in my company, we want a shower room, a wardrobe, a kitchen or even a piece of complex decoration is a bringing together between their ideas and know-how acquired over the years.

People (Customers) are not the same, why your furniture has to be equal to so many others?
The Geraldo draws you to your furniture, designed thinking of you. Marvel at!

Mission / commitment:
My mission has been over these years study, create and develop all kinds of miscellaneous furniture, proposing always design combined with great quality and durability.